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What do our clients have to say about us at Bullfrog Spas in Missoula?



We bought our STIL Spa from Ben a few months ago and we absolutely love it! As far as we're concerned these are the best spas around and Ben and his crew are the best to work with that we've found. We shopped all over Missoula and came back to Ben and Bullfrog Spas. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend them to anybody.


Simply an amazing experience all the way through. This is the 3rd spa we have bought from Ben at bullfrog and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. All of the other Hot tubs around town look like the same junk you buy online that cost thousands of dollars in repairs every year and never give you the therapeutic benefits that a bullfrog spa provides. Best service. Best prices. Best selection. Best people. We truly feel like we are part of a family with bullfrog spas of Missoula!!!

We couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you bullfrog!


Today I called to get some maintenance advice from Ben at Bullfrog. As always, he was so helpful and went above and beyond to answer all my questions. We did a lot of homework before investing in our spa, and after two years, we are still so happy that we went with Ben and Bullfrog. They are always super responsive to our needs, providing excellent customer service. I highly recommend Bullfrog Spas of Missoula


Well-built, reliable-by-design, and customizable. We got the A7 model because it was spacious and we had owned a Bullfrog Spa before. This was for a mountain home (9,000 feet) and we liked the 3 pumps, reliable construction, and low maintenance features of the A7. The LED lights are beautiful. I like having the two pump controls which allow me to turn on / off 1/2 the jets. I like the touch screen control panel which is very easy to use. I like being able to configure the jet packs. We tested a bunch of different brands and kept being drawn back to the A7. The construction was above the others. The spa was placed on a patio which was near the master bedroom so it was important that it was super quiet. The ability to program the circulation cycles and the extra quiet third pump is great. I had only one concern and that was whether or not the jets would be powerful enough and to be honest they lift me off my seat. No complaints. With Bullfrog, you don't get as many foot jets. That's sort of a trade off, but you will get neck and shoulder jets which the others don't offer.


Buying a Bullfrog Spa was the best decision I have made for my health, fitness and marriage. Nothing feels better on sore muscles after a workout than this therapeutic hot tub. I have noticed faster muscle recovery since our purchase.

It has also enriched my relationship with my husband, as we often choose to soak in the tub and converse instead of zoning out in front of the television.

An added bonus is the staff at Bullfrog Spas are very friendly and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help with any questions I have.


Great product and great service. 

The guys at Bullfrog have provided great service before, during and after the sale of my new spa. 

I was in a car accident and it has helped a lot. I love my Model R6 Bullfrog spa highly recommend it to everyone!!!.

I did my research and it paid off. Thanks Ben and the entire crew at Bull Frog Spas of Missoula!!!!


I don’t submit reviews often, but Bullfrog Spas of Missoula deserves one! They have been so awesome to work with- from purchasing the perfect hot tub & delivering/installing it, to immediately fixing any issues that ever come up. I haven’t worked with a business with such outstanding customer service (& awesome products) for a long time. I highly recommend them & wouldn’t buy a spa anywhere else. They continue to treat you with top priority even long after you’ve purchased your spa, & they are quick to help if you ever need anything. Thanks so much to Ben & the Bullfrog Team! Highly recommended!


My purchase of an Almost Heaven Grand View sauna has been a most pleasurable experience. From the initial sale through to the installation and eventual use of the sauna everything with Bullfrog Spas is handled in a professional, warm and customer pleasing manner. Owner Ben Hansen continually demonstrates he cares about his customers. His staff and installers are knowledgeable and accommodating to a customer's needs and inquiries. My Almost Heaven Sauna more than meets my expectations and offers a relaxing retreat while providing me the health benefits Almost Heaven promotes. Both the product and the service are five star. I highly encourage anyone looking to purchase either a sauna or a hot tub in western Montana do so through Bullfrog Spas of Missoula.


We absolutely love our bullfrog spa! There's so little maintenance it's easy to care for.
Ben and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful and go way above and beyond what you'd expect for service!
I would highly recommended them!!


I am a very active 55 year old spending my time climbing mountains and bicycling in the summer; competing and teaching cross country skiing in the winter, with some backcountry travel thrown in. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Recently my doctor prescribed therapeutic spa for part of my home treatment. We purchased a spa this summer from Bullfrog. I told Ben Hanson, the store owner, of my history of injuries and my arthritis. After researching the different spas, I told Ben what I was interested in, something small, energy efficient, low chemicals, and therapeutic. Ben suggested the 2 person Bullfrog R5L and I could not be happier. He recommended the jet packs that would help my neck and back injuries and sooth my aching joints. Ben has been great to work with and is very responsive to all my questions. As the weather gets colder I am finding that I will enjoy this spa more and more. After my Tuesday Morning Big Mountain Climb today I was chilled to the bone. I went out to the spa and I immediately felt wrapped in a warm healing embrace. I am so excited to have the spa for the coming winter season! 

Ben suggested we go to the 220 volt, but we decided for the 110 volt since we could plug it right in. It takes longer to heat and does not heat when in high jet mode. We are in the process of switching over to 220 volt so we can take full advantage of the spa this winter; which is really easy after you have the electric part taken care of. I wish I would have followed his advice from the start!"


From the moment we walked into the door to the moment we sat in our amazing Bullfrog spa we were impressed. The service is first class and we rest assured we definitely bought the best product. 

Thank you Bullfrog!!!!


Simply AMAZING! The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Their pricing was competitive especially considering the high quality of their tub. I did my research and chose Bullfrog and am very happy with my decision. I love the tub too an R6. Couldn't recommend these guys enough. Thanks Ben, Chase and the whole crew!!


I had a wonderful experience purchasing my new bullfrog spa and I absolutely love it! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, they were very helpful throughout the entire process from purchase to delivery! Outstanding service and great products at a reasonable price!! I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a spa, check out the Bullfrog Spa of Missoula! ! Thank you Bullfrog!!


I have an older hot tub and needed help getting it back up and running. I explained the problem and Bullfrog from Misdoula, worked with me for a half an hour to get the problem solved even though they knew no money was coming there way. A few months later my pump went out. I knew right where to go since they were so helpful the first time. Bullfrog had some older pumps that might work for me. They had to move old hot tubs out of the way with a forklift to get to them. Again they were not going to make money on me, but treated me like i was a special customer. Thanks Bullfrog...


I love my new spa from Bullfrog! I have fibromyalgia and since I have gotten my spa, I find that I hurt much less! I also love that our friends and family will come over for a soak and I have the best conversations with my daughter in our new spa! I looked around and actually touched every spa before I bought one, Bullfrog has the best quality that I found! The delivery was flawless! It is the best investment I have ever made!


Great product and great service. The guys at Bullfrog have provide great service before, during and after the sale of my new spa. I was in a car accident and it has helped a lot. I love my R6 spa and would highly recommend it to anyone. I did my research and it paid off. Thanks Ben and the entire crew at Bull Frog Spas of Missoula!!!!


Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. They take the time to personally answer all of your questions. Professional techs and obviously have the best products. Their spas are built in the USA and are simply amazing. we love our Spa!!!

Thank you Bullfrog!


A+ product and customer service. A friendly knowledgeable crew and amazing spas. I love my new spa!! I would recommend anyone looking for a Spa come visit you! Thank you!

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